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Belly Treats Candy Shop

When it comes to candy, sweets and snacks, there’s one thing we can all agree on: they’re delicious. In the case of Belly Treats Candy Shop, they combine every sweet snack you can think of… all available to order. Loose candy, wrapped candy, flavoured nuts, savoury snacks, chocolate and more - Belly Treats has everything to satisfy Toronto’s sweet-tooth needs. Located on Wellington Street West, there’s enough candy to keep both our inner child - and actual children - happy. Offering more than 500 different treats, Belly Treats has been providing Toronto’s Entertainment District with packaged goodies since 1995. While there is something unique, exciting, even enchanting about walking through a candy store and compiling an assortment of treats, you can also have all of our delectable offerings delivered right to your home. By ordering on JUST EAT, you can enjoy Belly Treats Candy Shop anytime. Just download the free JUST EAT app, or visit us online, and start creating your order now.

So you’re going to create a candy masterpiece...but what will you choose? Everything is ordered in 100g increments, so start with the classics: sour keys, peach slices, cherry blasters, real fruit sour berries, tootsie rolls, hot tamales, Mike & Ike, Jolly Rancher lollipops, skittles, nerds, runts, gummi bears, ju jubes, Swedish berries, sour patch kids, nibs and more. And jelly beans. Can’t forget those… we have more than 40 flavours of Jelly Belly jelly beans. We also have wrapped candy such as Jolly Ranchers, Werther’s Original, saltwater toffee, rockets and Tootsie Rolls. For a slightly less sugary alternative (or your baseball team needs a new supply of seeds), we have roasted sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, pecans, Macadamian nuts, walnuts, almond-cranberry morsels and more. Also in the crunchy department are hickory sticks, BBQ ringolos, corn chips, toasted corn, pretzel sticks, plantain chips, beer chips, dried beet chips, carrot chips, yogurt-covered cranberries, pretzels, almonds and raisins, plus fava beans and sesame sticks. No candy store is complete without chocolate. In addition to classic M&M’s. Reese’s pieces, Smarties, Clod Hoppers, Hershey kisses and Oh Henry bites, we have dark-chocolate covered blueberries, ginger, raisins, coffee beans and almonds, as well as pretzels, raisins, almonds, ju-jubes, maltesers, banana chips and cherries covered in milk chocolate. We also have macaroons, rosebuds, Skor bars and peppermint patties. Belly treats also offers sugar-free raisin or coconut clusters, plus sugar-free caramels (pecan, cashew or almond). Don’t wait another second - satisfy that sweet tooth and have Belly Treats Candy Shop delivered to you home, by placing an order on JUST EAT.

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Belly Treats Candy Shop

200 Wellington St., Toronto M5V